BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer 6 Color 2 Laser P/N 651154 with FACSLoader SOLDOUT

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BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer 6 Color 2 Laser P/N 651154 with FACSLoader SOLDOUT


BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer 6 Color 2 Laser P/N 651154 with FACSLoader | Priced $32,295.00 | (12006)

Here is a BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer 6 Color 2 Laser 651154 with Facs Loader

Catalog No. 651154

New unit with Facsloader sells for $148,000.00

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer is in good working order. BD service tech inspected the
system and replaced a leaking pump and a faulty bar code reader. The BD Service tech verified operation
of the FACSVerse Flow Cytometer and its accessories and adjusted the alignment of the optics and lasers.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer passed all tests and was found to be fully functional. It was inspected and verified to perform to BD specifications by BD service engineer. This was done in November 2017 on our premises. Please see QC Report below.
Tested operation of Fluidics
Tested operation of Optics
BD Service aligned Optics and Lasers
BD Service performed QC Characterization and Performance tests
Tested communications with software
Tested operation of FACS Universal Loader
Tested communications with FACS Universal Loader
Replaced sheath fluid filter and performed maintenance inspections and adjustments
Performed Cleaning and Decontamination routines

System consists of:
BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer with FACS Universal Loader
Sheath Fluid Container
Waste Fluid Container
Dell Latitude i5 running Windows 7 Pro with newest version of FACSuite software ver1.0.6 and Dongle
Sample Prep Ready 40-tube Rack
Communication and power cables.

Filters and Mirrors:
Blue 488nm Laser
- SSC; (No Mirror); EM: 488/15nm
- FTIC, BD Horizon Brilliant Blue 515, Alexa Fluor 488; DM: 507 LP; EM: 527/32nm
- PE,PI; DM: 560 LP; EM: 586/42nm
- PerCP, PerCP-Cy5.5, PECy5, 7-AAD; DM: 665 LP; EM 700/54nm
- PE-Cy7; DM: 752 LP; EM: 783/56nm
Red 640nm Laser
- APC, Alexa Fluor 647; DM: 660/10; EM: 660/10nm
- APC-Cy7,APC-h7; DM: 752 LP; EM: 783/56nm

Configuration and Setup:
Excitation lasers: Blue 488nm and Red 640nm
Sample types: Cells, Micro beads, and other stained particals
Sample Handling: Single tubes, 96- and 384-well microplates, 30-tube rack and 40-tube rack (40-tube rack included)
Sheath Fluid: BD FacsFlow Sheath fluid
Sample Volume: 55-2000 uL

Options included:
BD FACS Universal Loader
BD Volumetric Flow Sensor
10-L extended-use tanks
2 Laser system (Blue 488nm and Red 640nm)

This BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer uses the standard factory configuration and has a FACS Universal Loader with a Sample Prep Ready 40-tube rack for higher throughput.
Uses include aiding DNA analysis, Bead Arry assays and Immunophenotyping.

Video Description:
This video starts with a front view of the BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer system before starting it up.
Then we watch the FACS Universal Loader initialize by homing, then itself tests, its stirring function and the SI (Sample Injection Tube) home itself by retracting and the re-extending the sample tube.
Then we pause to save time and come back and zoom in to the laptop screen to view the FACSuite version number and start a run of some beads to view the detectors working.
Finally we walk around of the BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometerto view the manufactures tags and the sheath fluid filter.

QC Report:




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BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer 6 Color 2 Laser P/N 651154 with FACSLoader SOLDOUT

Manufacturer Description and Specification:

The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer is designed to support cell analysis for research applications using up to 10 parameters. Hardware innovations ensure the reliability of results and signal resolution. BD FACSuite software delivers a seamless workflow from system setup, through data acquisition, analysis, and shutdown.

To support a wide range of applications, predefined research assays are available. They can be run as-is and can serve as the starting point for creating user-defined experiments.
The compact optical system uses free-space lasers to concentrate intensity at the flow cell. It is designed to minimize light loss and maximize resolution for multicolor applications. A number of innovations built into the optical system—including patented automated laser alignment, smart filter-mirror units for the detector arrays, and a stainless steel flow cell—are designed to maximize reliability and improve system performance.

Compact heptagon detector arrays specially designed for the BD FACSVerse System use preassembled filter-mirror units, each with built-in memory chips that precisely identify the spectral information of both the mirror and filter. When the filter-mirror unit is inserted into the heptagon assembly, spectral information is passed from the microprocessor to the cytometer to verify that the unit matches the expected optical configuration. This is another way that the new BD FACSVerse System helps to ensure improved data integrity and ultimately, the reliability of results.

Manufacturer Documentation:

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