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Abbott m2000sp Realtime System PCR and Sample Preparation - AV

Abbott m2000sp Realtime System PCR and Sample Preparation - AV
Abbott m2000sp Realtime System PCR and Sample Preparation - AV
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Here is a Tecan 150 Abbott m2000sp COVID-19 SARS PCR assay prep Liquid Handler w/ m2000rt PCR

Abbott m2000sp model (P/N 09K14-02), and m2000rt (P/N 9K15-01)

Both instruments made in 2019

New system cost around 180,000K new

The liquid handler table and computer cart are included with this item.

The table for the M2000rt PCR thermal cycler is not included (internal table)

  • These system are setup with the intention of running COVID-19 SARS PCR assay preparation and thermal cycling
  • The Span 8 arm on the liquid handler allows for Tube to Tube and Plate to Plate transfers of volumes up to 1000 ul per transfer
  • This is a disposable tip system to prevent cross contamination of samples
  • The ROMA gripper arm on the liquid handler allows for plate transfers around the deck.
  • The POSID 3 system allows for sample tracking capability
  • The added heated and chilled positions allow for temp control of samples while being prepared for testing
  • The included Abbott m2000 RealTime System is a highly flexible and proven solution featuring a broad menu of IVD assays
  • Allowing consolidation of PCR testing on a single, reliable, high performance platform
  • Availability of Laboratory Defined Applications (LDA)

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Abbott m2000sp Liquid Handler system is in good working order, and also has good cosmetic condition.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Abbott m2000sp Liquid Handler system passed following tests:
Power on: PASSED
Communication: PASSED
Initialization: PASSED
System Flush: PASSED
Door locks: PASSED
Power on: PASSED
Communication: PASSED
Initialization: PASSED
Contamination Check: PASSED
Full PCR thermal cycle: PASSED

System consists of:
Abbott M2000sp Liquid handler (Span 8, Gripper, PosID scanner)
Abbott M2000rt PCR thermal cycler
Abbott deck positions (tube, plate, reagent, and disposable tip holders)
M2000 chiller
M2000 heated tube position
(24) 1000ul conductive disposable tips (96 pcs each)
(2) Desktop computers running Abbott M2000 software version 8.1 (with monitors, keyboards and mouse)
Abbott Real Time SARS-Cov-2 application disk
Liquid Handler table with waste bin and liquid containers.
Computer cart
Communication and power cables

Configuration and Setup:
Robotic Arm(s): Span-8, Gripper
Channels: 8
Volume: 1 - 1000ul
Disposable Tips: 200 or 1000ul
Application: liquid handling and sample preparation

Video Description:
The video starts with a wide view of the Abbott m2000sp Liquid Handler system. Initialization is observed.
After that we perform functionality of the Abbott m2000sp Liquid Handler system.

*The video below shows the exact instrument shown in this listing.*


Whenever applicable the video demonstrates the operation of all liquid handling arms by conducting liquid transfer, grippers by performing microplate or vial transfers, and showing the operation of other installed options.

The video below is provided to demonstrate the instrument’s functionality and condition.

Tecan Datasheet:

Abbott Brochure:

Tecan Brochure:

Abbott m2000sp Manual:

Tecan Manual:

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