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Mettler Toledo

Brand: Mettler Toledo Product Code: 31481
Ideal for high throughput applications
96 separate channel nozzles in an 8 x 12 microtiter plate standard pattern
Pipetting head can be moved along a vertical (z) and a horizontal (x) axis for whole-plate pipetting
Two plate holders, each with two working positions, move in a horizontal (y) axis and allow a maximum of three different plates with SBS footprint to be used simultaneously
Adjustable feet at each corner of the base and under each tip loading position allow you to operate Liquidator 96 in a perfectly level position
Brand: Mettler Toledo Product Code: 47185
Head: 96 multichannel 20uL
Volume Range: 0.5-20uL
Compatible Tips: 20uL disposable
Channel Accuracy: +/- 1%
Capable of dispensing to 384 well plates with 384 plate adapter (not included)
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