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Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2

Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Pred S220 - GL2
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Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator


The Predecessor to S220 and M220


  • Fully Functional
  • Fully Serviced 
  • Good condition
  • Continental US Warranty 90 Days & 60 Days International.
  • Savings around $40,000 when compared to a new S220 Covaris Focused Ultrasonicator
  • Three Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicators on hand


Optional Training and Extended Warranty:

  • We offer Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator training (Software operation and maintenance procedures)
  • Extended warranty option 


Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator Overview and Application



Research Grade Focused Ultrasonicator



S2 Overview

The S-series instruments are the go-to for many labs for single sample preparation. Designed to work with a variety of closed tubes for samples less than 1,000 mg
and volumes less than 10,000 μl. They are reliable and last for many years.


Application examples: 

  • Pre-analytical sample processing 
  • Cell lysis 
  • cfDNA Extraction 
  • DNA/RNA/Chromatin Shearing 
  • DNA/RNA/Total NA/Protein Extraction from FFPE 
  • Tissue lysis and extraction 
  • Samples for Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)



  • Treatment System Bench-top; high-intensity acoustic transducer, temperature monitoring device, circulation pump, water bath with safety enclosure
  • Dimensions: 8” W x 21” D x 13” H (20cm x 53cm x 33cm)
  • Weight: approximately 30 lbs (13.6 Kg)
  • Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC 300 VA, 50-60Hz
  • Ambient Temp. Range: 15 to 32°C
  • Water Bath: Water Temp. Alarm Limit: Distilled or deionized water only. It can be set at +5.0°C to +40.0°C


This Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator will include the following:

Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator
Water chiller *chiller might be different from one in photos but will have proper specs
Dell Laptop with SonoLAB software
Communication, power cables, and hoses


Covaris S2 Application specific accesories 

Please note the tube holder you will require is matched to your application, S2 takes the same tube holders as the S220.  

For this reason tube holders are not included, once we know which holder you need we will add it to the quote.

Please review available tube holders here




Steps you take to verify, service, and confirm the functionality of the Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator?

Summary of testing & maintenance we perform (depending on included configuration):

  • We confim good physical condition.
  • We confirm mechanical components operation and then adjusted, and lubricate if necessary 
  • We run instrument through the set of test steps to verify proper operation.
  • Degassing function tested.
  • The operation of ultrasonics throughout the power range is tested.
  • We test operation of different run sequences within the parameters of the software.
  • We verify operation of the Safety Interlocks.
  • The included chiller is verified to required specs of the instrument.

What supplies do I need?

You will need assay kits, consumables, and depending on your application, different accessories starting out: 



Can I view the Covaris S2 in person at your facility or do a live Zoom demo before it is shipped to me?

We offer both onsite and remote demos via Zoom.

  • We invite you to come in for an onsite Demo or schedule a Zoom demo of the Covaris S2.

 What about the warranty?

Our Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator come with a 90-Day Warranty.


Warranty Terms:

  • The warranty term is 90 Days from the date of the Covaris S2 arrival at the destination.
  • This includes parts and labor.
  • The customer is responsible for packing materials and should retain all during the warranty period. 


Usage Requirements: 

  • Customer is expected to review the manual and use instrument per manufacturer instructions.
  • Customer must ensure instrument will be plugged in into the correct power outlet
  • Instrument must be stored in the dry location
  • Instruement user maintennace shall be performed per user manual
  • Avoid getting instrument components wet 


 Do you offer installation, service, etc?
  • We offer remote installation and training package.
  • We offer an extended warranty agreement on this model.


What should I watch out for when buying a Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator used/pre-owned from another lab?

Basic steps to confirm quality:

  • Confirm that degassing pump operates quietly; this is often an issue with these systems.
  • Confirm there is no present physical damage to the ultrasonicator.
  • Confirm the operation of the ultrasonics and their intensity.
  • Make sure there are no loose/damaged pumps that may cause leaks.
  • Make sure the electronics are not corroded from moisture.
  • Ensure the operation of the Safety Interlocks if equipped.
  • Confirm that the Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator is appropriate to your application.
  • Make sure it includes the water chiller, it is required for proper operation
  • Make sure there are no missing components; it won`t be fast or inexpensive to correct.


If you have concerns, we highly recommend inspecting the ultrasonicator in person or doing a live Zoom call; this will allow you to evaluate the ultrasonicator and confirm that everything works.


 Do you have Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicators on hand?

We stock multiple Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicators along with many replacement parts. 


This procurement is for a University or College, are purchase orders with NET terms accepted?
  • If you are a US or Canadian customer, we are likely already a registered vendor in your University's vendor system. This would greatly expedite the process of PO approvals and get the focused ultrasonicator into your lab faster.
  • POs are accepted from US and Canadian universities.


 How fast will you ship?
  • We can ship within a few days to 2 weeks. Ship times depend on the current demand for our instruments. Members of our sales team will be able to offer current estimates.


Will my instrument be insured during shipping?
  • All Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicators are shipped fully insured within the US and internationally as long as we are a shipper and handle shipping arrangements.
  • If the buyer handles shipping, then shipping insurance responsibility falls to the buyer; we highly advise that the buyer obtain shipping insurance from their carrier.


 How do you pack? Have you packed and shipped ultrasonicators in the past? Do you ship Internationally?


  • Most ultrasonicators ship in fully enclosed ISPM-15 certified wooden crates, with proper padding underneath and the sides, and have moving components braced.
  • Accessories are packed safely in boxes with padding and then safely packed inside the crate.
  • We may not use a crate for local deliveries or smaller ultrasonicators to save you money *if delivered by us.
  • We often use “tilt’ & “shock” indicators on the crates to ensure the crate has not been excessively tilted and dropped where equipment may suffer damage.
  • Photos are taken during the packing process to make sure nothing is missed.

USA/Canada Shipping

  • Within US and Canada, we will ship via selected freight carriers. We do not use low-price/high-damage carriers as we want the equipment to get safely to you.

International Shipping

  • Internationally we will only ship via Air Freight or Air Parcel, which provides reliability, no exposure to Ocean weather, and timely delivery.
    We have extensive experience shipping ultrasonicators around the world.

Our experience and process

  • We have safely packed and shipped hundreds of sensitive analytical instruments, including ultrasonicators.
  • Before final packing/shipping, the instrument is re-checked again for proper operation.


How much will I save buying it pre-owned, and is it worth it?

A lot…and it is certainly worth it, and here is why.  Feel free to ask for feedback from hundreds of customers that bought from us.

  • You will save around 85% vs. buying a new S220 ultrasonicator.  Why not spend leftover funds on another instrument for your lab?
  • You will get a 90 days warranty, plus, when available, an option to obtain an extended warranty agreement. 
  • Get peace of mind knowing that your instrument was tested and working the day it left our facility and is covered if there are faults.


Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator is a predecessor model to the Covaris S220 Focused Ultrasonicator; The Covaris S220 could be priced up to $55,000. So why not save your funds by buying Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator, get the high-quality sample processing you expect from Covaris, and use your leftover funds elsewhere?

  • Well, this one is easy; buying a pre-owned Covaris S2 Focused Ultrasonicator is great for the planet; you are reducing unnecessary waste, CO2 output, and water use that would be used during the manufacturing process.   

 I have more questions; I want to receive a formal quote.

Absolutely! Please give us a call (1-617-366-2699) or complete this form to get your questions answered or receive a formal Quote.



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