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BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer (2)Lasers/(6)Colors/(8)Detectors - AV

BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer (2)Lasers/(6)Colors/(8)Detectors - AV
BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer (2)Lasers/(6)Colors/(8)Detectors - AV
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Here is a BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer (2)Lasers/(6)Colors

Predecessor to:
Current model

This BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer system is in good working order, and also has good cosmetic condition.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer system passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Plugged in and powered on: PASSED
Connected to software (Diva 8): PASSED
Ran fluidics priming and startup sequences: PASSED
Ran several cleaning cycles (long clean, flow cell clean, etc.): PASSED
Tested functionality of high throughput sampler: PASSED
Set instrument baseline with CS&T beads: PASSED
Performed performance check with CS&T beads: PASSED

System consists of:
BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer
Fluidics Cart
(4) Level sensors
Waste container
Fluidics cart hose bundle
BD High-Throughput Sampler
Desktop PC running BD FACSDiva software and dongle (w/ monitor, keyboard, mouse)
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
(2) Lasers: 488nm Blue / 633nm Red
(6) Colors simultaneously
Fluorochromes Detected: PE-Cy7, PerCP-Cy5-5, PerCP, PE, FITC, APC-Cy7, and APC
Sampling Rate: up to 10,000 events/second
Sample Handling: 96 or 384 well microplates or manually loaded tubes

Forward Scatter
-Channel 0(488/10),
488 nm blue laser:
-Channel A(780/60, 735LP)
-Channel B(670LP,655LP)
-Channel D(585/42,556LP)
-Channel E(530/30, 502LP)
-Channel F Side Scatter(488/10),
633 red laser:
-Channel A(780/60, 735LP),
-Channel C (660/20)
Flourochromes Detected: PE-Cy7, PerCP-Cy5.5, PE, FITC, APC-Cy7, APC and too many more to list. Just tell us the labels you are using and we can confirm which channels they will be detected on.
Sample: up to 10,000 events/second

Video Description:
The video gives an overview of the BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer system, as well as a sample acquisition of a dilution of BioLegends 8-peak rainbow calibration beads.

Datasheet: N/A

HTS Baseline: BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer

HTS Performance Check: BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer

Brochure: BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer

Manual: BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer

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