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BD FACSAria II 2 Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer (5) Laser (16) Color Pred III/Fusion - AV

BD FACSAria II 2 Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer (5) Laser (16) Color Pred III/Fusion - AV
BD FACSAria II 2 Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer (5) Laser (16) Color Pred III/Fusion - AV
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Here is a BD FACSAria Cell Sorter II Flow Cytometer Pred III/Fusion (5) Laser (16) Color (18 Channel)

This is a special edition model with 5 lasers and 16 colors (18 channels)

Similiar Facs Aria III 3 is around 300,000+ new.

P/N 650110

Predecessor to:
Current models are FACSAria III and FACSAria Fusion

This BD FACSAria Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer passed following tests and will need installation/service from BD to be fully functional.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The BD FACSAria Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer passed following tests:
Powered on: PASSED
Connected to instrument control software: PASSED
Fluidics cart power: PASSED
Fluidics cart function: PASSED
Flushed and performed cleaning cycles on fluidics system: PASSED
Tested laser power using external laser power meter: PASSED

Please note the cell sorter is sold AS IS with no warranty or returns. It is above our expertise to complete setup and testing in house, it is priced accordingly and accounting for the fact that it will need BD service to get it setup.

System consists of:
BD FACSAria Special Order (Aria II) Cell Sorter
BD FACSAria II Fluidics cart
Universal top Sort collection device
Four-way 1.5-mL Eppendorf Sort collection device
Two-way 15-mL Sort collection device
(Qty. 1) 10L Pressurized container
(Qty. 1) pressurized EOTH bottle
(Qty. 1) Waste bottle
Fluidics Hose bundle
Cooling hoses
Power cords
Desktop with FACSDiva software (We not including license as it will make most sense to get the newest version of Facs Diva software from BD)
Monitor, keyboard, and mouse

70uL stream nozzle
85uL stream nozzle
130uL stream nozzle

Laser PN/Revision - Max Power - Wavelength
Coherent 1150205/AD - 160mW - 641nm
Coherent 1142279/AD - 160mW - 406nm
Coherent 1149901 Saphire - 100mW -488nm
Coherent 1154534 Genesis - 60 mW - 355nm
Coherent Sapphire 561- 300 mW - 561 nm

(Qty. 2) 780/60
(Qty. 2) 750LP
(Qty. 2) 710/50
(Qty. 2) 685LP
(Qty. 3) 505LP
(Qty. 2) 660/20
(Qty. 2) 530/30
(Qty. 2) 450/50

Configuration and Setup:
(5) Lasers: 641nm Red / 561nm Green / 488nm Blue / 406nm Violet / 355nm Ultraviolet
Detectors as Configured: [Red: 780/60nm, 730/45nm, 670/30nm,] [Blue: 710/50nm, 530/30nm, 488/10nm(SSC), 488/10nm(FSC),] [Yellow/Green: 780/60nm, 710/50nm, 660/20nm, 610/20nm, 582/15nm,] [Violet: 660/20nm, 525/50nm, 450/50nm,] [UV: 530/30nm, 450/50nm]
Test Tube Sample Loading
Sorting: Two or four way droplet sorting
Accepts 1-15ml sample tubes

Video Description:
The video gives an overview of the BD FACSAria Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer.

Datasheet: N/A

Brochure: BD FACSAria 2 Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer

Manual: BD FACSAria 2 Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer

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