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Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler w/ UVP HEPA UV Enclosure - AV

Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler w/ UVP HEPA UV Enclosure - AV
Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler w/ UVP HEPA UV Enclosure - AV

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Here is an AnalytikJena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler w/ UVP HEPA UV Enclosure

This configuration is about $70,000 new from VWR

Made in 2020

Predecessor to:
Current model

- Currently set up with a 96/60ul head for transfers of up to 60ul using disposable tips
- 12 positions on 2 levels allows for a very lab space friendly system
- The addition of the gripper allows for manipulation of labware to different positions
- Adapters included for gripper and disposable tip racks
- The included HEPA enclosure allows for superior control of the workspace environment
- Very modular design that makes it easy to customize or upgrade if your assays change in the future

*Other head configurations may be available*

This AnalytikJena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The AnalytikJena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested power and initialization: PASSED
Tested stage movement: PASSED
Tested communication with software: PASSED
Tested gripper adapter function: PASSED
Tested adapter change function: PASSED
Tested tip pickup and fluid aspiration: PASSED
Tested fluid dispensing: PASSED
Test UV cabinet touch screen: PASSED
Tested UV cabinet ventilation: PASSED
Tested UV cabinet door switch: PASSED
Tested UV cabinet UV light: PASSED

System consists of:
AnalytikJena CyBio FeliX Dispensing Robot
R96/ 60uL Pipetting Head
Gripper module OL3317-11-800
Gripper deck holder
Tip mount deck holder
Analytik Jena UVP HEPA UV Enclosure
Computer running CyBio Composer software ver2.7
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Robotic Arm(s): CyBio FeliX Head R 96/60ul, Gripper Module
Channel(s): 1-96 pipetting channels
Volume: 1 - 60uL
Tips: Disposable
Application: liquid handling and sample preparation

Dimensions: 650 x 450 x 700mm
Weight: 50kg (without pipetting head)

Video Description:
The video gives an overview of the AnalytikJena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler, and also performs functionality.

Datasheet: N/A

Brochure: AnalytikJena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler

Manual: AnalytikJena CyBio FeliX Liquid Handler

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